Our Story

Filosofia is a Los Angeles-based apparel company, emphasizing sustainability, quality and timeless comfort.

Our story begins with three straightforward priorities.

First and foremost, we want more sustainability in the fashion industry — we envision a low-impact brand that uses resources responsibly. We make an effort every day to reduce our waste and emissions. 

Secondly, we design wearable garments that anyone could reach for every day and for any occasion. They're crafted expertly and ethically, supporting each individual along the production line. We want these garments to be as functional and easy to wear as they are beautiful.

Finally, we hope to create a space to hone and share our philosophy with the rest of our community where we could move forward, collectively, into a more loving and conscientious future.

Out of these three requirements, Filosofia was born in 2015. We re-emerged with a refreshed approach, website and ready-to-wear women’s line in February 2019. Our apparel pays homage to classic silhouettes, yet they are modernized through mindfully sourced materials and practical details for the contemporary wearer. The thought and intention behind every garment is apparent, lending to the individualized, handmade feel of each item.

We want each person who dons our garments to feel confident and comfortable — whoever you are, we hope you enjoy wearing Filosofia. #Ourfilosofia 

Filosofia’s Founder: Sofia Kang 

We are led by our founder and creative visionary, Sofia Kang. Kang designs each Filosofia garment herself, always seeking new ways to offer the best clothing for modern life. As a designer, talented seamstress and mother to two, she wants the Filosofia wardrobe to support a rich lifestyle: her designs are meant to enhance day-to-day experiences with their minimalistic beauty and versatility. 

Kang is motivated by her faith, which supports Filosofia’s ethical approach to production and encourages both responsible stewardship of the earth and kindness toward others.

Furthermore, she is deeply inspired by and connected to her Korean heritage. Growing up in a suburb outside of Seoul, Kang was surrounded by traditional Korean craftsmanship through her childhood. South Korea’s history is populated with artisans — and has earned a reputation for exceptionally crafted goods. Kang’s home country is also known for its dedication to sustainable practices and is one of the most environmentally conscious societies in the world.  

A proud Korean-American, Kang immigrated to Los Angeles to pursue her work. Grateful for the opportunities she has experienced in the U.S., Kang hopes to give back to her global community through sharing her designs at Filosofia. 

To celebrate the intertwining of Korean and American culture, Filosofia apparel is deliberately made in South Korea and the USA.