Why we use DyStar dye


We at Filosofia would like to take some time out this month to not only introduce you to one of our supply chain partners, but to applaud them for all of the steps and initiatives they are taking for the sake of the environment. Dystar is the world’s leading supplier of textile dyes with nearly full coverage in all fibers and quality specifications. They offer textile dyes for cellulose, polyester, wool, polyacryl, polyamide, and leather. Their wool dye, Supralan, is a powerhouse in itself meeting all wool-dyeing requirements in a high quality and economical fashion. Dystar works hard to offer an impeccably wide range of shades for all textiles that are highly brilliant and provide a good fastness performance- color fastness being a term that describes a material’s color resistance to fading or running. 


Caroline Linen Jacket

In 2003, they implemented their Econfidence Program. This program was created in order to assure textile customers, like us, that the products they offer comply with all legal requirements. With this program they also work to build relationships with their customers so that they can build strong partnerships up and down the supply chain in order to cater to a more sustainable textile production all around. This offers support for brands like Filosofia to feel confident that we are making good choices for the environment as well as for all the people involved in the textile processes. In order to encourage everyone to make steps toward sustainable textile production, they have published guides on reducing resource use. They cover topics such as sustainable fibers and materials, sustainable processing, sustainable methods of color communication, and ecological textile testing. 

The Econfidence Program works hand in hand with their two-fold sustainability strategy which aims to reduce their own carbon footprint and help other businesses reduce theirs. They focus on energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste as their focal points for improvement. Their aim is to have reduced these by 20% in 2020. They hold themselves completely accountable by publishing their sustainability statistics every year. 


They are also pioneers in the effort to create a circular flow of resources in production. As opposed to the original method, “Cradle-To-Grave”, where materials are created and discarded without regard for the conservation of resources or the ecological repercussions of this wasteful flow of materials. Dystar’s collaborative Cradle-To-Cradle program has been put in place in order to improve the quality of products so that they are both ecologically and economically beneficial. The goal is to create materials that remain of use to man and refrain from harming the environment after being made and used. A list of criteria has been set for products for consumption such as cleaning agents, dyes, and cosmetics. There is also a set of criteria for products for service such as technological parts. These criteria take into account the production processes as well as where these products will end up once they have been used and whether or not they can be used again. They offer certification which helps their partners and their partner’s customers know that they are doing all that they can to protect both humankind and our planet. Head to their website www.dystar.com to learn more!

Filosofia is proud to announce our working with Dystar because they share our vision of pushing forward sustainability and eco friendly practices in fashion. In working with them we’re loving being able to have our wool and wear it too. 


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Written by Alex Arrache