Sustainablitilty. For Filosofia, For Everyone.


“Sustainability” has become something of a buzzword in business and in the media these days. What with documentaries about minimalism and companies coming out with “green”,  “organic”, or “eco” lines. But what does it really mean?

Sustainability is defined as something that has the means or ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level and the avoidance of depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. 


Due to sustainability being a focal point in people’s purchases, even multibillion dollar fast fashion companies are being pushed to become or at least be perceived as more eco friendly. Is it possible to work as a sustainable company in fashion while pumping out millions of garments a year? Even if these companies offer a line of “eco” fashion or recycling options? 

Massive amounts of products being manufactured, in essence, simply can’t be sustained and is harmful to the earth and all of its inhabitants in many ways. To make a single t-shirt requires 858 gallons of water. When correlated with companies that put out 500 different designs a week, there’s no way such fast paced fashion can put environmental protection and human rights at the forefront of their business model. After oil and paper, fashion is the biggest water using industry. Not only is it used, but it is polluted by dyes and pesticides. Products that aren’t sold are often burned or thrown into landfills by consumers once their longevity has deteriorated, adding to the carbon footprint of the industry even after production. 

But there is still hope. We as consumers and manufacturers, can curve the trend by making conscientious choices. By slowing down the cycles of fashion and choosing organic, pesticide free sources for our clothing, we can lower our impact on the planet as well as extend the lifetimes of our clothes. 


Here at Filosofia, we don’t do fast fashion. We believe in offering high quality, timeless pieces as opposed to chasing the ever changing trends. We choose not to produce waste by making our clothing in small batches. All of our clothing is ethically sourced in the U.S. or South Korea. We believe in fair living wages and organic resources. We use organic cotton, tencel, linen, and silk- all of which are known to have less impact on the planet’s resources and significantly longer lifespans than synthetics. Read more about our commitment to sustainable dyes and responsible supply chains in our Dystar journal entry. 

We are taking the risk and veering from trends in deciding to pursue the dream of a completely sustainable fashion industry. We believe that it not only can be done, but has to be. Running a company within this business model in the current state of the industry requires commitment and patience. It is also significantly more costly because we refuse to treat any one or any resource unethically in the process of making our pieces. But these are small prices to pay for the overall quality of life for the earth and all of the people and wildlife living on it. Not to mention, the quality of the pieces themselves are not hindered by these decisions, but enhanced by them! Our pieces will last longer, harm less, feel better, and never go out of style. That’s our Filosofia. 

Written by Alex Arrache