Filosofia Means Philosophy: An Introduction to our Vision

 In ancient Greek, “filosofia” means philosophy, roughly translating to “beloved wisdom.” The driving force behind our brand is our philosophy, which is rooted in sustainability, high-quality craftsmanship and the merging of elegance and comfort. We hope to celebrate this beloved wisdom by offering beautiful clothing for the modern person. Filosofia was founded in 2015, by Sofia Kang, a seamstress and mother to two, who envisioned a different future for fashion.

A Cleaner Future for Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the greatest polluters. It is responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, soil degradation, and water pollution. The industry’s waste can be attributed to the vast overproduction of clothing items which eventually end up in landfills, never even worn. Furthermore, wealthy nations buy staggering amounts of clothing, most of which will be eventually thrown out. Fast fashion — the production of cheap and quickly made clothing — results in even more waste.

Filosofia’s approach to garment creation puts the earth first. We believe in the ethical production of clothing, whether this means sourcing sustainable materials like Tencel or reducing waste in the production process.

In the future, we plan on researching more sustainable materials including:

  • Primaloft Eco - Thermal insulation made from recycled materials.
  • Organic cotton - A pesticide- and chemical fertilizer-free alternative to conventional cotton.

In response to the throw-away mindset of fast fashion, our versatile garments are designed to be worn through the years.

Long Lasting Quality

Part of what makes Filosofia garments special is their undeniable quality. Well-made clothing is increasingly hard to come by, but Filosofia offers a durable yet stylish approach to everyday wear. We celebrate classic silhouettes and tried-and-true staples, adorning them with eye-catching details and our own special touches. Kang envisioned her designs being worn by parents, creatives, city-dwellers, and world travelers — anyone looking for clothing that is simultaneously comfortable, approachable, and beautiful.

We put thought into the development of each piece: what material best suits this shape? What makes this design more wearable? Where and when could this garment be worn? These questions lead to a thorough thought process behind the designs. As a result, a Filosofia wardrobe is perfectly well-rounded, suited to a variety of needs and lifestyles.

Elegant Wearability

At Filosofia, we argue we don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. Quite the opposite: we believe that a truly beautiful garment is comfortable for the wearer. Clothing shouldn’t hinder life experiences — instead, it should remain supportive through all these moments. Our designs are meant to elevate, not distract from, each experience the wearer might encounter. Filosofia garments are wearable but still exude elegance and a timeless appeal.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, explore our collection to see exactly what we mean.



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