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There are two sides to most things and social media is one of the most polarizing.

Studies have sought to determine whether social media is good or evil for our society and the results are always somewhat inconclusive. If anything is certain, though, we can decide how social media affects our every day lives: how we spend our time and what media we consume.

For us at Filosofia, we recognize social media as an incredible tool to connect with other like-minded people and companies, nurture a community and to communicate. When done with the right intentions, this can lead to beautiful relationships, growth and creative inspiration. We have found Instagram to be the most effective platform for our brand. It gives us an opportunity to be innovative in our message, while also showing what we most care about: sustainable, durable, and expertly crafted garments.

Our posts might cover topics such as:

  • New designs - We will update our followers on what collections are currently available and sneak peeks of future garments.

  • Updates - Instagram offers a good place to stay in touch about anything Filosofia related.

  • Events - We hope to organize events - sales, shopping events, etc. - in the future. Stay tuned.

  • Lifestyle - Our Instagram also serves inspiration on our approach to daily life - sustainability, brands we’re using, what we love about LA, etc.

We strive to be mindful about what we post and the message we are conveying. Ultimately, we want our presence on social media to be a positive one: a profile you can return to again and again, each time feeling uplifted.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, follow us on Instagram here. Feel free to DM us with any questions — we would love to hear from you.  


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My Paradissi